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Airtel Direct International Access Numbers

If you are traveling overseas, take Airtel Direct with you.

Now you can use any of our retail products from more than 29 countries. If you happen to be in any of the countries listed below, simply dial its access number and you will be connected to us. As soon as you select a language of your choice, simply enter the PIN located in the back of your card or printed on our retail partner's receipt, and follow the instructions to enter the destination number. If you don't know your PIN, make sure you contact Customer Service before you travel and they will provide the information you need so you can call from abroad.


Country City Access Number
Austria National +43-720-902150
Bahrain Manama +973-1-6199501
Belgium National +32-7-8480596
Brazil Sao Paolo +55-11-23919307
Bulgaria Sofia +359-2-4916228
Canada Toronto +1-647-9309381
Croatia Zagreb +385-1-8000116
Czech Republic Prague +420-2-55790544
Denmark National +45-78791134
Estonia Tallinn +372-66-83072
Finland Helsinki +358-9-31586155
Hungary Budapest +36-1-9998546
Ireland National +353-76-6801366
Israel Tel Aviv +972-3-7621568
Latvia Riga +371-67-881218
Lithuania Vilnius +370-5-2032416
Luxembourg National +352-20881465
Mexico Mexico City DF +52-55-41708706
Netherlands Amsterdam +31-20-8910384
Norway Oslo +47-2-1953765
Peru Lima +51-1-7208987
Poland Warsaw +48-22-2062125
Romania Bucharest +40-31-2294514
Slovakia Bratislava +421-2-33046906
Slovenia Ljubljana +386-1-7774111
South Africa Cape Town +27-21-3001804
Spain Madrid +34-910-800495
Sweden Stockholm +46-8-12111166
Switzerland Bern +41-31-5087013
United Kingdom London +44-20-36270637